BSRD30 Action Brings Pain

I stuck with the program for the most part this week with the exception of Thursday which I took off completely after feeling a little wobbly after doing some full body weights on Wednesday. It was also pretty crappy weather here so I was indoors on the treadmill on Tuesday and Wednesday but managed to do 3.2km each day. Monday I did 3km outside but left the bicep work until Tuesday. Today is Friday, I just got in from a 2km walk still feeling sore and a little nervous after Wednesday’s workout. The good news is that the shoulder work and squats didn’t completely wreck my back and even thoug I am sore, I don’t really feel much the worse for wear. It was a good stress test and one which I think I passed, if not with flying colours then at least with a healthy grade. This is good news since I am getting a little stir crazy at home not being able to work out and so the coming couple of weeks will hopefully see a return to regular, if extremely light workouts.

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