R11D15-18 – Work Rate, MMA and Sick Child Obstacles

tapoutxt vs p90x2 days off with a sick child could drive anyone crazy. Hours on hours of Timmy Time and Shaun The Sheep interspersed with bouts of a bored 3 year old trying to find something to do which in case you are wondering is a VERY dangerous proposition. I am glad to say though that I managed to work out both days after taking Sunday off with several localized sore patches. Monday I did T25 Lower Body Focus which was a very good workout, as you can imagine it’s mostly legs, squats, lunges and plenty of cardio. In fact, it’s a workout that I plan on doing again only once I have compared it with the P90X3 Lower Body workout. On Tuesday I was going to do the upper body P90X3 but instead since I knew exactly what I wanted to work I did a bench and curls workout to hit the body parts that I felt were getting a little neglected. Wednesday was a forced rest day with gymnastics coaching and daycare pick-up leaving no time for a workout. I was going to do some conditioning with the girls at the end of class but since I have been a little tired and sore all over I opted for the rest. I feel like it was a quality decision too since on Thursday I was able to crush the P90X3 MMX workout. In MMX, there is a lot of similarities to Kenpo X but with added sprawling (or burpees if you like). The advantage I have is that I have a heavy bag in the basement so the limp jabs and punches that you ordinarily associate with any martial arts workout are replaced by actual physical contact punches and kicks. Believe me when I tell you that the difference is night and day. I was drenched with sweat when I finished and my legs and shoulders really got a fantastic workout. However, since I have a copy of Tapout XT I am not so sure that this workout will ever see the light of day again. It’s OK, just not a really involved or accurate MMA workout. That said, it’s far better than George St Pierre’s Rushfit which is, in my opinion, a complete waste of time.
Today I plan to do T25 Ab Intervals and then coaching, and maybe take the workout with me and make the kids do it if it is any good.

In case you are wondering, it’s now Day 19 and I have managed to keep my percentage (days on vs days off) up above 85% until my forced rest on Wednesday. Mostly due to the 100% start but also my commitment to the high work rate required for me to have any hope of weight loss. I have dipped down to 83% (16 of 19 days) but after the weekend I should be comfortably over the mark. Remember working out 4 days a week is only 57% and 5 days a week still only 71%. If you are truly focused on weight control and long term health and fitness then 6 days a week (85%) with one day of Yoga or Pilates or Isometrics is what you should be aiming for. I know people have a problem with working out 7 days a week but if you are balanced in your approach and build low effort days into the mix you will be fine.  Here’s what I have done so far and I am moving towards Month 2 workouts in P90X3 and Beta workouts in T25.

Monday, 01/06/2014 1 T25 Cardio 100%
Tuesday, 01/07/2014 2 P90X3 Total Synergistics 100%
Wednesday, 01/08/2014 3 P90X3 Agility X 100%
Thursday, 01/09/2014 4 T25 Speed 1.0 100%
Friday, 01/10/2014 5 Oly Lift 5×5 @ 95 DL SQ PCL 100%
Saturday, 01/11/2014 6 ice clearing 45 min 100%
Sunday, 01/12/2014 7 T25 Total Body Conditioning 100%
Monday, 01/13/2014 Off 0%
Tuesday, 01/14/2014 8 Driveway Ice 45 min 89%
Wednesday, 01/15/2014 9 T25 Core Cardio 90%
Thursday, 01/16/2014 10 p90x3  warrrior 91%
Friday, 01/17/2014 11 P90X3 Dynamix 92%
Saturday, 01/18/2014 12 Oly lift and increase weights 92%
Sunday, 01/19/2014 off 0%
Monday, 01/20/2014 13 T25 Lower Body Focus 87%
Tuesday, 01/21/2014 14 Bench and curls improv 88%
Wednesday, 01/22/2014 88%
Thursday, 01/23/2014 15 P90X3 MMX 83%
Friday, 01/24/2014 16 T25 Ab Intervals 84%