R11D4 – Active Rest? That’s Speed 1.0

ThanksShaunTI caught up with Speed 1.0 last night and I can only hope that is is deliberately slow and easy in order to contrast with Speed 2.0 and 3.0. It was, if I am honest, like a day off. I suppose it’s kind of an introduction to Interval Agility training with speedy agile movements mixed in with static stretching. Yes, I said it, STATIC stretching. It’s a bit weird but I have to keep in mind that this is the very start of the workout schedule. Contrasting it with Agility X with Tony is like comparing Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics, they both seem pretty cool until you compare them and then you realize why nobody likes Rhythmic Gymnastics. Anyhoo, it was nice to have a slower night because for the past 3 days I have felt like I have had a 6 inch nail in each butt cheek. Every time I start to walk I realize that doing lunges after so long doing so little is a recipe for dis-ass-ter. Seriously my butt is so painful I should name it Rob Ford, the worlds biggest pain in the ass for 2013.

Tonight I have to pick a P90X3 workout and I would have done Yoga but for last night so I think I may take the Challenge and see what happens. If I was smart I would check out the videos first so I know what to expect but as my wife will vehemently deny, I love a surprise. There is a big difference between not knowing what workout to expect and being told halfway to the mall to go to 1 store to purchase one item that you will in fact be “quickly” going to several other stores just to “check something out”. But I digress. So far my foray back into home fitness has been a resounding success. I feel invigorated, sore and I am finally getting over the hacking cough I have had since Christmas. I am wearing my heart rate monitor again and truly getting back into the swing of keeping my eye on what I am doing and also what I am aiming for. It’s nice to have longer term goals, I spent the approach to Christmas a little frustrated with my workouts not really organizing myself to maximize my effort and time. New year, new gear, and this time, the gear is a positive attitude towards a more rigid schedule. Happy Friday everyone!

Actually I have changed my mind, I have a hankering for some Oly lifting tonight so I will be doing 5x5s tonight with deadlifts, Clean, power clean etc. Tomorrow I will be doing the Challenge because it’s basically just pullups and pushups and it’s going to be warm enough to go out on the deck and do pullups or at the very least do them in the garage.