Day 5 – Struggling

Weak, nauseous, vomiting? Could be P90X...
Weak, nauseous, vomiting? Could be P90X…

Legs and Back.

It’s a weird thing but I am more tired now after taking a day off than I was yesterday. Less sore, which is a good thing, but just exhausted. I am actually more scared of next week now that I know the movements I can increase my weights and of course my stupid male ego will force me to push myself even further. Today is Legs, Back and Ab Ripper X, a big day to say the least. Tomorrow is the last day of coaching for the year so hopefully even if I am too sore to walk I will still be able to say goodbye to my girls. I am heading home now to do the workout, eat some dinner and head out to a dance recital. I will hopefully get a chance to post before we go out, if not, once we return home. Damn, I was going to put up the rest of the gym mirrors tonight.

I haven’t felt this shaky since the expired meat episode when I had to take 2 days off work with what I thought was Botulism. Or Swine Flu. Turns out I just don’t know how to cook and I had given myself food poisoning.

The workout was fairly vicious. If I had managed to do 25 chin-ups each time I would have done 200!! However, since there are 4 types to do and you repeat them twice I managed only 80. Still, doing 80 mostly unassisted chin-ups is nothing to sneeze at when you are my weight. I did get some fairly significant pain in my left elbow whenever I did them with a supinated palm but it seems better this morning. However, I am sitting here at 5am after getting up at 4am to work on an upgrade to one of the computer systems at work and not being fully awake means I am also not fully aware of exactly how much pain I am going to be in today. My biggest worry is that historically when I have worked on my legs, it has tightened up my back and occasionally thrown it out. I will have to be careful today.

So the workout was back and legs with Ab Groper X. The leg workout was far more single leg work than I imagined it would be. It was also mostly lunge based. I suppose I had imagined it would be more traditionally squat based, however the variation, as with everything “X” was well thought out and difficult, but possible and challenging to execute. Less cardio intense than Plyometrics and less of a balance challenge than Yoga, it fit right in and allowed for some really good isolation of the quads. It was a little lacking in the hamstring department, but that is why you do so many lunge based movements, to increase the hamstring involvement. I managed to pull off most of the movements and was fairly close to the demonstrators reps however there are a couple of movements with which I really struggled. I am very fortunate never to have had knee problems, but I could see how this workout would be difficult if you did suffer from an old knee injury.

On the back end came Abs. My hip flexors are about as useful as a chocolate teapot right now. My Ab Ripper X workout seems to be getting worse not better. I am better at the first few exercises, but once we get to Fifer Scissors my flexors give in and my legs feel like pillars of stone. As for Crunchy Frog and his friends, frankly at this point they can all go to hell! I do feel stronger in my core, but I also feel a great deal of pain especially if I laugh. Thanks to Tony though, one of the first things I lost was my sense of humour so I am not worried.