Day 24 – Chinup bars and P90x quitters

July 17 2009 – Kenpo – again!

Seems like just a couple of days ago I was doing Kenpo. Skipping that day obviously has thrown off my perception a little. In fact, I did Kenpo on the 12th which is only 3 days ago and checking the schedule I am only one day off so even with the rest day it would only be 4 days between Karate workouts rather than the usual 7.

I realized something really bizarre today, I tend to close my eyes during Kenpo. I don’t do it during any other workout except Kenpo and it is really confusing me. I mean I really enjoy the workout, it goes by quick and I really feel like I get a good workout so why am I closing my eyes when kicking and punching? Anyway, the more I do the Kenpo the more I like it. As with all the P90X workouts, it is only as difficult as you make it and the harder you push yourself the more of a workout you will get. Today I was sweating like a beast after I finished because I tried to get my kicks higher and my body twisting more into my punches. Evena little change will amount to a lot if you are doing over 100 reps total. In the back of my mind was the fact that tomorrow is stretch X which is basically a rest day so I wanted to get as much out of the workout as I could while I could.

I am also trying to find a way to produce a better chinup bar than the door mounted one I have. I know it is rated over 300lbs but I just don’t have the confidence in it. I was thinking of putting a metal or wooden bar between the support pillars of the deck so I can use it outside but in reality putting one between door posts would be best. I just want to be able to do everything that I would do at the gym as far as chinups go. I find myself holding back with the setup that I have at the moment due to fear of falling (again!) and hurting my back (again!). I will see what I can find at Home Depot as far as bars go, in fact I may go to Fitness Source and see if they have any straight curl bars I can use. I also wonder if shelling out for something more substantial may put me in the ballpark for a better chinup bar instead, I mean I can’t be the only 250lb guy who wants to do chinups with confidence can I?

Now I don’t want to sound superior, or to jinx my progress but I am trying to find a P90X blog where the person has actually managed to do the 90 days and it is almost impossible. The vast majority of blogs contain a handful of entries, a litany of excuses and a pathetic fading away to nothing. Come on people, it’s not that hard! Well, it is that hard but seriously, commit to something and stick with it for once in your life! There are a few blogs out there by the P90X coaches, of course they are completely biased when it comes to discussing the program, maybe it is something they put in the recovery drink to brainwash people. Maybe it is the same stuff they put in the Mac Get-An-iLife Kool Aid. Anyway I am searching for blogs away from the official P90x Boards just to get an unbiased opinion. I guess they are harder to come by than I imagined hey would be.

Speaking of the Forums at Beachbody, they are a great resource but again there are core members who have done P90x multiple times and if you pay attention you will see the same high attrition rate of people starting and either giving up or caving in just a few days in. It is good to read some of the stories but it is also full of people with crazy expectations and unreasonably high hopes blowing smoke up each others behinds. I guess that is human nature though. So for the time being I will stay detached and hopefully put together a 90 day experience that people can actually relate to and compare to their own journey.