Round 2, Day 4 – Yoga Returns (Maybe)

I have very little time tonight to fit Yoga in to my schedule. It may be that I will be twisting my body into an improbable position well into the evening in order to get the workout done. I can’t see an upside at this point I am just too tired and too sore. So I had better not think about it and just go down and start. That usually works.

However, so does napping on the couch.

So I am running into multiple issues with this workout this time around, none of which are anything to do with motivation or perseverence or anything else “normal” that interrupts your workouts. Instead, I have a queen size bed leaning against the bench in the gym downstairs that is supposed tobe going into the new extra guest bedroom. Since “we” got pregnant it has been a non stop carnival of interior decorating and furniture moving and now I am losing ground to the miscellaneous couches, beds and boxes / plastic buckets of various hoiusehold items waiting to be redistributed. I could, hypothetically, redistribute them out the French doors onto the patio but having a hormonally unpredictable wife on my hands isn’t the best time to gamble…

Just one more thing the baby won't notice. Cute though, however useless.
Just one more thing the baby won't notice. Cute though, however useless.

Yoga, as noted during the last round of P90X is not my favourite. Not only does my overly muscled frame resist the twisting of the poses but also my back, even years after surgery, is a delicate issue which needs to be handled with some care. I know it will get easier, in fact I should be able to do 90%  of the workout by the end however starting now, with a 44 inch waist in the way, it isn’t happening.

I resorted to a pale imitation of the stretch X with some push ups thrown in for good measure. I will also be doing some king sized pull ups at gymnastics tomorrow so I am not worried at this point about pooching the Yoga 90. Besides, Friday through Monday is my 4 day redemption cycle so I am getting psyched up for that and the end of week 1.

Round 1, Day 4