R8D64 – Someone Tell The Children What To Eat

I did the RKC with pushups and extras last night.

12345 C&P with 10 pushps after each set
5 C&P with 10 pushups x 12
5 snatches with 10 single arm swings plus 10 double swings x 3

It’s great that you can scale and adjust the RKC to get the workout that you need and if you haven’t yet tried kettlebells as a workout then you are missing out on some of the greatest whole body workouts there are.

In fact, if there was one workout “system” that I would recommend outside of the P90X/Insanity type DVDs it’s kettlebells.
It’s funny because there are some questions I get asked all the time regarding workouts and diet and I am always surprised at how little people know about the two. I’m no expert, I just know what I have done and it’s been quite a bit, but when I come across someone who doesn’t know that treadmills are the devil and not eating is a great way to lose weight I realize that the helath and fitness industry isn’t doing that great of a job. Not only that, but how do kids get to age 12 and not know how bad sugar is for them or how to eat a healthy balanced diet? But somehow they are being taught not to call it Christmas while they put up their “holiday tree”. Hey, teach me how to survive, I will figure out how to avoid the PC Christmas bashing when I get older.

I don’t want to go off on a rant here but there are certain things that are more important than others and it’s about time that the school system, the government and the parents (ooh.. and guardians, don’t want to offend any particular family dynamic there) realize that educating our children on how to make their lives healthy will not only given them a better quality of life, reduce bullying and self-image related depression, enable them to build their self esteem so that they can handle the idea of competition being helathy but it will also lead to lower health care costs in the long run.

I’m no politician, I just think a 12 year old child should know that skipping 2 meals every day isn’t good. They should know that fast food is a once a month treat (once they don’t have it for a month they will realize it’s not a treat either…) and they should certainly know what foods they can eat that won’t make them the first generation ever who will live a shorter life than their parents. Kids and candy go hand in hand and it’s not only sad, it’s dangerous for their bodies, minds and emotional well-being. I guess that’s why I try so hard to educate people I come across to make up for what the system isn’t telling them.

This entry took a weird turn so…

Now I am even more angry. I was searching for a picture of someone overweight giving themselves an insulin injection to show what the future is for a candy hungry kid, but apparently all the diabetics on the internet have six packs and 10% body fat. It’s ridiculous. Why are you showing someone giving themselves an insulin injection when that person has a 99% probability of NOT being diabetic! So I opted for the kid instead because so many people assume that type 2 diabetes develops in adults, in fact for years it was referred to as Adult Onset Diabetes. Not so, there are so many studies that show that type 2 diabetes is exploding among the youth of today. I am not sure, but I think if I was a child and suddenly had to start giving myself 5 injections a day of insulin I would probably be looking at my parents and saying “What the hell were you thinking??”