BSRD5 – Honeymoon Is Over


I wondered when this would happen. And I suppose I knew that the answer would be linked to my stopping the painkillers. Now I am not some kind of masochist, but after the horrible side effects, both short term and lifelong from the last time I had my surgery I am more than a little concerned about the length of time I subject myself to oxycodone. I bought some tylenol today, or I should say Nicole went in and bought me some so to a degree things are a little better on the pain front but then again it’s a little like putting a bandaid on a severed hand given the amount of discomfort I am able to feel. What exactly is it that has happened? Well, it’s much like the weightloss plateau that people seem to run into after their first happy couple of weeks losing weight. It’s the inevitable knock back down that comes with having pulled yourself up onto unstable feet. It’s the predictable fall that comes after the first few baby steps. But not to worry, after all life has taught me that if there is one reaction that should be as predictable as hardship, it’s the heart to get back up and keep on going.

I walked again today, my longest yet to Tims and back a total of 2.2km. It was actually a real struggle for me since I have been feeling nauseated all day. The walking is not to hard, although I have to be super careful of my posture and not letting my right leg wander out of line as my shin starts to lose it’s effectiveness. However, the foot slap was gone for the duration of the walk which is progress. I didn’t have any ill effects from my bench testing yesterday which means I may try some tricep work tomorrow just to test out the equipment the way I have it set up.

I managed to get Lighting his subcutaneous fluids this morning, and with Nicole’s help again this evening. He seems listless but I am not really surprised given what he has been through. He is eating the low protein food they gave us for him so things certainly seem to be moving the right direction. I guess that is the best news of all for both of us, we are both moving in the right direction, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but the general movement seems to be positive in nature.