Feel Like Pushing It…

This week (rest week 3 of my hybrid) will remain as rest week but next week I have a fitting end to my schedule in store.


Tricep Meltdown at Gym
Off Sick
Plyo Vertical Training
Cardio Core and Balance
Core Synergistics
Cardio Recovery
FOY Yoga with Tony


RKC Art Of Strength DVD
Olympic Lifts Initial Testing
RKC Art Of Strength DVD
1k run, Insanity Fit Test, P90X Fit Test, Fran.
Insanity Asylum Fit Test, Cindy.
Game Day and Overtime
Yoga X

I would also like to fit in Helen:

Helen - 3 rounds for time:

400-meter run
21 overhead kettlebell swings (24kg / 16kg)
12 pull-ups

The Tricep meltdown looked something like this:


Tricep dips
Military pushups
Handstand Pushups (or inverted shoulder pushups)
Sphinx to plank
Side Tri Rise