R8D45/7 – Head Down, Blinkers On, Legs Pumping

I feel like a racehorse during a long race. I remember when I was young we used to live by a horse racing course which was quite a large circuit, I would guess 4 miles or so. There was a big stand at the far side of the Knavesmire in Dringhouses that lined the start / finish line but the course itself went around the whole area, at one point coming close to the woods where my mates and I used to play on our bikes. I remember on occasion when the races were on that we would peek out from the woods, hanging off the railings watching these magnificent animals screaming past as the jockeys shouted at each other to make room, or occasionally, laughing with each other at full tilt. Because we were at the very back of the course, it was a lull in the race, the jockeys obviously relaxed, the animals well out of ear shot of the grandstands but there they were, heads down, blinkers on, legs furiously pumping as they carried their tiny payloads towards the finish. That’s exactly how I feel during the dog days of a 90 day program, it’s more than half over, but you are in that 60-80% range where the end seems too far away and the start is a distant memory. It’s the time when you need to cruise on autopilot for a while, stick to the plan and keep your head down.

My days 45-48 looked like this:

RKC 34555 plus extra presses – With a 45lb bell, but extra 45 presses per arm
100 pullups 300 pushups – sets of 30+10 with some active rest (jacks or jog)
2k+3k runs – Yes, I actually did 2 2k runs, in fact, the second one was slightly over 3k if I remember accurately.
Bootcamp 9 – 20-14-8 –  As outlined on the next post.

Day 49 should include some pullups at the gym with the girls and then a weekend of Beachbody specials, Insanity and P90X!