R4 D51 – Front Room Rug Workout and HFCS Believes Kids Are Stupid.


High Fructose Corn Syrup, the basic ingredient that is causing the obesity epidemic has been renamed to Corn Sugar in an attempt to make it more palatable. Don’t be fooled. HFCS and basically any sugar in purified form is the single worst thing you can feed your body.

Maybe they should have renamed it Cute Sugar instead since their recent advertising is aimed squarely at children. Well, in our house at least, the parents are the ones who make decisions about what the kids eat, not the kids.

Maybe they should try being honest and leave it as HFCS but have the long name be Hardly For Children Stupid or even better Heart Failure Causing Sugars.

Anyway, I got home late last night and since I had to coach gymnastics I only had a window of about 20 minutes while the baby napped and my wife was out shopping. So since I was in the living room I moved the litany of baby items away and thought I would do a quick workout on the rug just to see if I could improvise something with no warmup and no time. The following is what happened and this morning, my butt hurts like crazy!

50 Bodyweight Squats
50 Pushups
50 Full Sit Ups
50 Lunge Knee Touch (25 per leg)
50 Superman (laying back extension)

Funny it doesn’t sound like much but it was a solid quick workout which you could basically do anytime anywhere even while you watch your favourite TV show.