R5D32 – RKC Heavy Day (Followed by a day of CPR re-cert)

Still looks the same as medium and light day but that will change. Plus I did one of the 3 ladders with a 70lbKB

C&P left 1
C&P right 1
Pull Up 5
C&P left 2
C&P right 2
Pull Up 5
C&P left 3
C&P right 3
Pull Up 5
Rest 1-2 min repeat another 2x for a total of 3 ladders.
I skipped the pull ups. I did a few sets after the fact, the stairs were killing my timing.

Second part was a little easier, the dice roll came up 6 so for 6 minutes I did this:

45lb KB Swings, 50 reps
Rest 10 seconds, repeat. 50 swings are still the killer for me. My mind starts to wander and I start to second guess myself. Hopefully I will get over that, it’s annoying.

Sunday was CPR recertification day at Evolution. It was fun, but long and not very much activity.