R9D9-13 – Tough Break

We have been away for a while, unfotunately that also means we have all been sick for a while. As a family we all have had varying degrees of sinus colds / infections and the flu, for myself I had a man cold which is VERY bad… We spent a miserable 10 days in Switzerland including a very painful flight with a very sick 1 month old. It has not been a good ending to 2011 that is for sure. But I shall not dwell on the sickness, it was wonderful to see my family again and I did manage to squeeze in a few P90X2 workouts using 2 bowling balls instead of medicine balls and all in all, with the exception of not being able to hear out of one or both of my ears and having lost almost all coordination and balance it was nice to be away. We returned just after Christmas and still today I am not even close to 100%. That puts it at around 2 weeks of fluid behind my ears and coughing like a miner.

Anyway, Happy  New Year to everyone, I thought I would start off the year with a crossfit workout since I will have the erg available and a whole gym at my disposal this afternoon while my wife works on the floor routines for the girls. Then starting tomorrow I will be back to what I think I will call week 3 of the P90X2 schedule with Balance and Power. The last few weeks have been a real dogs breakfast workout wise, but I am ready and eager to get back to work. The bootcamps will be back in motion next week and I will be ready to take on the rest of the P90X2 schedule.

I hope everyone had a better break than we did here, at least health wise and my Christmas wish for you all is that you will get your New Year’s Resolutions to come true!

And for those of you who are wondering here are 2 things to ponder.

It was 22 years ago on Jan 1 2012 that I quit drinking.

For the first time in my living memory, my New Year’s Resolutions did NOT include “lose weight”.