Round 4 Day 14 – WOD Chesty

So last night I decided just as I was leaving work to do the actual WOD from the Crossfit Aurora Site since I had already done a Fran and a Cindy and didn’t have the time to hand pick another named workout. The WOD was as follows and since I liked it and will be doing it again I’m going to call her Chesty:


50 Double Unders (since I don’t have a rope I did 50 tuck jumps instead same as power jumps in Insanity)
Rest 3 min
4 Rounds of:
21 burpees
15 Ring Dips (I have a dip stations for these)

My biggest problem with both Insanity and the WODs is the fact that getting to my feet from laying down a la burpee has been almost impossible for me since my back surgery. Not only that, but the fatness doesn’t help either. However, last night I found that when I used dumbbells instead of putting my hands on the floor I could actually do the movement. So for the first time in almost 10 years I did some burpees last night.

Save your wrist, enable the burpees within!

The workout itself is short but tough just like many of the WODs. In total I think I was done the actual workout part in around 13.5 minutes not including the double unders. I do find it weird though that I push myself far harder doing the Crossfit workouts than I do during either the Insanity or the P90X workouts. Maybe it is the time factor, maybe just being set free from the schedule of the workout although I haven’t actually gone at the DVD pace for a long time now with Tony. I am not sure, all I do know is that these workouts are crazy short and crazy tough… and I am picking the easy ones!!