R4 D75 – Improvisation

squat-deadlift1So I have been short on time lately, with the baby getting into new activities and the wife wanting to spend 2 hours at the gym I find that I am having to squeeze stuff in when I can. Yesterday I felt like I should work on my deadlifts and chinups so I organized a quick 25 minute workout like this:

5 rounds of:

5 deadlifts, 10 chin ups, 15 pushups or dips

It wasn’t a killer, but since these were my first real deadlifts since way before my back surgery (we are talking over 1o years here) I thought it best to take it easy. I was using 135lbs and I have to admit, even though the technique was a little rusty, it came back fast but I didn’t feel all that comfortable doing them. I think it was because I have a tendency to lift my butt first like most novices do and while that was OK before my back problems, now not so much. If I hope to get my deadlift weight up, I am going to have to remedy that slight break in form otherwise I am going to defeat myself with fear. For those of you who have never pinched a nerve in your back or herniated a disc, I can’t explain the pain other than to say that once you feel it, you will wish you never had. That’s probably why I won’t ever squat again…

I also wish I had been able to do bench instead of push ups but since I only have 1 Olympic bar at the moment, that was not possible. Even though push ups are great, they are not taxing enough when you are looking for a HIT workout.

So I am all set for my fit tests this weekend and I have to hash out the details of my next round before day 1 on Monday (hopefully).