A+reportcardsmallAfter bootcamp last week I decided to try not to take Thursday off and keep that day in my pocket in case I needed it. On reflection it was a great idea, I think I made some good strides this week back to my 232lb partial goal and I am hoping to gain some momentum to pass right by 232 without noticing.

Olympic Lifting. I stuck to my plan of increasing my weights slowly but surely. This time I surpassed 205 and went up to 235 with my deadlift. I know, it’s not much but I think once I make it to 300 I will cap it anyway so I am not searching for glory here!

P90X2 Balance and Power. I have been trying to stick with at least 1 full DVD workout each week, partly because it makes sure I get a longer workout than usual and adds to my total time for the week but also because it gives me some inspiration for bootcamp. Balance and Power is a good workout if you are looking for something that is not body part specific and had some good coordination/balance moves incorporated. There is also some abs work which makes it a good all around bootcamp style workout.

Saturday and Sunday:
Bench and Free dips plus Fountain of Youth Yoga. Saturday was the first time in a long time that I set up the bench and did some old school gym workout bench presses. I wanted to see if I was still as strong as I was (I’m not!) and see if my endurance for benching is still where it used to be (it is!). I only managed to get up to 235lbs partly due to the fact I didn’t have the new bumper plates in the basement but also because I chose to ramp up slowly taking sets of 10 reps at each increment. By the end I had completed over 100 reps going from 135lbs up to 235lbs. Mixed in with the bench I was also doing free dips on my home made dip stands which added to the fatigue and therefore lightness of weight. All in all, it was a satisfying workout, and once in a while it’s good to go back to bodypart basics and make some waves! Sunday I decided since I hadn’t had a day off since Tuesday I would spend some time treating my body well and did the FOY Yoga with Tony. It’s only 40 minutes max and I have to admit I skipped the abs so it was only about 35 minutes but it was just what I needed. I got to hit 6/7 days this week and didn’t feel like a total basket case at the end.


R5 D14-16 RKC End OF Week 3 and Bench Day (White Rabbits!)

White RabbitsI have started to add some cleans, clean and press and (this week) some snatches to my warmup on my TGU days. I am not kidding, it is hard!

The swings are now up to 40 per set, not only that, but I don’t think I am getting any better at TGU than I was. Maybe I should be trying with 35 or 25lb instead of my 45lb KB. Doing the cleans and CAP is interesting, I actually really like it, and I can’t wait until the spring when I can get out on the deck and do them outside. It seems like a perfect outdoor exercise!

Last night was bench day and I managed the following:

15×4 @135 (2 sets of close grip)
12×4@185 (2 sets of close grip)

This is not a comprehensive chest workout and I think I may have to start working in some incline bench into the warmup, not only to make sure I get the whole muscle but also so I don’t have to unload the bar after I do my 275’s!

I am getting a hankering for some cardio. I will probably end up doing an Insanity workout this week just to see where my cardio is in comparison to Rounds 3 and 4. I am also getting nervous about hitting my 240 mark for my birthday since it is now February and I have 19 days left. Since going Paleo I have found that my body has discovered a comfortable place right around 250. It’s weird how your body seems to settle at certain points. I am sure that if I push through this plateau that I will settle again at a lower weight, I just hope I can get through this sticking point without burning too much lean mass or allowing my strength to dip. I have always wanted to settle around 240 ever since I put on the muscle I worked so hard for after I left University, I think at that weight I would be relatively healthy, probably around 12-15% bodyfat and certainly looking acceptable. I guess in about 19 days we will find out!

Today I was 251.

(White Rabbits)

Round 3 – Post rest week, day 66

Well the time is fast approaching for coaching to begin and the challenges of working out while spending 2 nights a week at the gym. Not only that, but now I have the baby to contend with who I am beginning to suspect doesn’t have my fitness as one of her main priorities in her life. Each year I have a problem getting the workouts done when it comes to coaching season, not because it is particularly hard to do but because it becomes a great excuse not to do it. This year, I can’t afford to be that way. It is less than 20 days until coaching which (much like last year) won’t quite allow me to finish the program before I start. What I really need to do is to start thinking about my next quarter and what to do with my workouts that will allow me the time, flexibility and challenge to keep my fitness up.

I substituted a bench workout for my chest, shoulders and triceps workout on Monday. It is a significantly different workout than doing pushups and I found that I really missed that full pump that I can only really get from heavy benching. Fortunately due to the type of bench I have I can also do a pretty good shoulder press workout too since doing flies doesn’t really cut it for building or maintaining your shoulder mass. I did find however that I was not sore after, which speaks to the conditioning of the muscle, regardless of the diminished strength. It was great to get back to basics, and I think come the coaching season I will be incorporating a couple of bench workouts into my program. They are short and intense and remind me of why I have been going to the gym for all these years.

Insanity however, is still kicking my ass. I am doing the max workouts now which I find better since I am unable to match the intensity that is required to get the most out of the shorter workouts. I think as time goes along I should also consider getting outside while the weather starts to cool down and do some short distance runs, maybe 1 -3 km at a quick pace to get my running back. I find that jogging hurts my calves and feet but running doesn’t. Weird huh?