Round 3 – Day 77 (Supposed to be off)

Fuji_appleSo my schedule has been sporadic, although I have not been taking multiple days off. I do however feel like I was starting to bulk up a little probably due to my diet being on the lazy side. I have, however, started to eat a lot more fruit. Failing in my ability to cook lunch for myself I have decided that fruit is the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle going. It’s either that or have fries every day for lunch. I am not a fruit hater, not the one who says that fructose is just as bad for you as sugar but rather someone who thinks that in the grand scheme, eating fruit simply can’t be a bad thing.

I have also recently cancelled our water delivery company and although I am still a devout spring water fan, I realized that buying a small bottle of Multi-Mineral supplement drops is a far cheaper way of getting great tasting water.

This by the way is a miracle to me. I have fairly sensitive taste buds thanks to my Father’s weird genes and as such I hate the taste of tap water. A few drops of Health Solute ions (sic) ConcenTrace minerals and the water tastes better than anything you will find from a spring or otherwise. There are several companies that make mineral supplements (Albi Naturals is another great one) but if you hate the taste of municipal water and don’t want to pay for spring water, get some drops, it will blow your mind.


I am keeping up with my program of doing the Max Insanity workouts and so far so good. I did have some knee soreness for a while but after a week of only 4 days working out, it seems to have disappeared.  I am also not failing to make it through the warmup any more, a fact I only just noticed yesterday!

I am also having a problem with the gym I am supposed to be working at. I coach gymnastics but since they failed to contact me during the summer, they had apparently assumed I was going to be quitting after the baby arrived, I don’t have a group. The ONLY potential upside to this is no long evenings on Tuesday and Thursday and an uninterrupted workout schedule. I would rather have the problems coaching brings though…