R11D3 – Inevitable Glitch

I forgot my DVDs at work.

That meant that rather than doing the Speed 1.0 with Shaun T I was forced into doing Agility X with Tony. I have to say, I don’t know what Speed 1.o is like but I can bet that Agility X is a full step above if not an entire league ahead. Agility X was everything I used to love about the Plyo workout from the original P90X. It’s fast, you are moving, jumping, squatting and lunging and it’s actually quite a fun workout if you are not trying to recover from pneumonia. About half way through I started coughing like an asthmatic Walrus so much so that my wife on her treadmill lodged a complaint… However, since I have not been too active lately when I woke up this morning my butt was screaming from all the lunges. Not only that, but I did coach 3 hours after doing Agility X which I am sure didn’t help matters much. Anyway, no loss, I did another workout, make that 3 in a row and I also managed to get the workouts in the order in which they appear in the schedule so I can now determine exactly what I will be doing.

Schedules in Order:


Speed 1.0
Total body circuit
Ab intervals
Lower body focus

Core cardio
Speed 2.0
Rip T circuit
Dynamic core
Upper focus

Speed 3.0
Rip’T Up
Extreme circuit
The Pyramid

Month 1

Total Synergistics
Agility X
X3 Yoga
The Challenge
Cardio Vascular Extreme (CVX)
The Warrior
Pilates X

Month 2

Eccentric Upper
Eccentric Lower
Mark Briggs Inspired MMA Workouts (MMX)

Month 3