R4 D45 100 Pullups

Supposed to be back and biceps but I am not a fan of the chin up bar in the basement so I decided that I would just hit the bar in the garage and see how I do at 100 pullups. I didn’t realize that there is a WOD (Angie) that calls for 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats and now I know that I feel even worse about hardly making it through the 100 pull ups. Could I have finished Angie? Not the way I felt after 16.5 minutes of pull up misery. Even though the pull ups would be by far the worst part of the workout, still, I was pretty beat up after my first attempt. It seems ridiculous when you think that for Cindy and Chelsea both contain 100 pull ups along with other things and I didn’t have a huge problem with them. Anyway, it didn’t help that it was only about 4 degrees in the garage and it was also Friday, my worst performing day of any week. Tony Horton calls himself pull up boy, myself, I think of myself as push up boy and since pull ups have always been a problem for me (in fact, I never did pull ups until 2 years ago, I just couldn’t) I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself.