I’m Coming Back… To Keto.

I have decided after watching a very interesting 21 day keto experiment (shout out to Jason Wittrock) on YouTube that I will return to pure keto from targeted keto and see how it goes. I did do pure keto for a very long time but I have a feeling that I was going way too high on my protein intake and kind of spoiling my keto effect. So I will go with much higher fat percentages this time and not worry so much about my protein intake. I will probably not be able to start the journey until April 1 although with my stunning revelation that avocado is actually a really tasty vegetable / fruit / berry I may start as soon as we get back from Costco tomorrow.

The problem I am having is energy levels, no matter what I do I seem to be short on energy during the day and from most accounts of people who have gone LCHF they do report significant changes in their energy levels. It also seems to be true that you can overfeed (probably only slightly) on LCHF without too much concern so that kind of works with my penchant for overstating my needs…

Just thought I would give a heads up that I am back and I will probably try to do some video updates also as part of the journey. I am toying with the idea of a 1 month challenge, and since I am far closer to being a regular person, and also old, this may have a broader appeal than a Bodybuilding.com sponsored athlete does since the belief is that people like that are just alien or built from silicone and silly putty.

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