Gym Skill Update

awesomeFor the record the handstands have happened on 2 occasions already. I am not claiming competence at this time but I didn’t pass out or throw up so I consider that to be ahead of the game at this point. I have to practice a little self belief at this point. What I am doing, given my status, is actually very difficult and will require a great deal of dedication and commitment so I am bound to congratulate myself for even starting. That’s why right now I am awesome! 🙂

The problem at the moment is that I am scared to come out of the handstand, because I am not particularly flexible coming out means I hit the ground with some velocity and being bent in half puts my spine in a very precarious position. I can hold myself up no problem against the wall but any control I think I may have while away from the wall is non existent. I thought I was immobile and stiff right way up, being inverted only seems to make things less mobile.

I have continued work on the front lever and doing dragon falls to try to work on my strength. I hate not being able to do stuff and exposing my weaknesses but if I don’t I will never know how to improve. My weight is up slightly but my % is actually down which makes little sense however I think I have managed to gain some of the muscle back that I lost during the cut because I feel bigger in places and I have been eating at a surplus for about 6 weeks now. That said, I am now back down to eating at maintenance so hopefully that little bit of fat that came with the new muscle will burn off in a hurry.

Unfortunately I am in a boring phase now. My achievements in the gymnastics skills department will be slow I am sure, and my diet being very static isn’t providing any entertainment either. I will try to push on and get my BF% down to under 15%. If I can do that I will truly be at the completion of my physical composition goal. I never thought I would get to 220 again so being there was a bit of a shock. I guess it’s time to see what happens if I push just a little further.

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