My Coast, Thanks To LA Fitness

snatch-5215c14f11168I have been out of the gym for literally years, at home doing barbell related and bootcamp / HIIT / WOD style workouts.

I loved having enough equipment at home that I could easily do my deadlifting, squatting and other Oly lifting stuff and that I was creative enough to make wallballs, parallettes and other items to help with the stuff I needed. Also building what eventually turned out to be 6 pullup stations around the house was a help since pullups revolutionized my workouts ever since P90X. However, there is nothing like the variety of a gym. It’s like goin gto a buffet when you have been home cooking for a year, there is so much variety and the access is so easy it’s really hard not to get addicted to it. LA Fitness gave us a great deal as I wrote earlier and I have been going quite regularly recently because I find that I am able to do more fo what I need to more easily. I still like to to my deadlifting and my oly lifting at home, I don’t usually enjoy seeing people doing cleans or snatches at the gym so I don’t do it. Also there are no appropriately sized kettlebells at the gym so if I am wanting to do a KB workout I have to stay home.

So that brings me to my current workout scheme that has settled into a smooth groove for the time being. Although there have been only 2 days off in the last 45 I did have a week vacation in there too. My philosophy for the next month or so now that I have come off my cut and am taking some time to stabilize is to keep the workouts a bit lighter and to watch what my weight does. I will probably do another strength push towards the end of the year to get my lifts back up as long as my shoulder stops bothering me. But here is my current deal, not including the bootcamp workouts I occasionally do with the kids and also not taking into account the KB or Oly lifting days. (At home version in brackets for reference)

Chest – Bench and Flys (Same at home, but add pushups and DB pullovers)
Back – Deadlifts (light), Pullups (Same at home but more DL and weighted vest pullups)
Legs – Squats (light), leg press, extensions, hamstring machine (Squats, weighted lunges, extensions.)
Shoulders / traps – Military press, flys, barbell shrugs, cleans (Cleans, snatch, Power clean and KB at home due to ceiling height)
Arms – Curls and close grip bench, dips and preacher curls (close bench and dip station dips plus Oly bar curls.)

It’s super basic, my rep counts are somewhere in the region of 12-15 sets of each pyramiding up in weight and down in reps. I do tend to do quite high rep counts compared to most people, it’s just how I have always done things. For bench for instance it’s not unusual for me to do 120+ reps for a session and for arms and shoulders it can go a lot higher. Unless I am specifically doing 1RM or very low rep high weight counts my workouts are usually like this.

So that’s it for now. For the next 4 week or so things may be a bit boring, I will keep posting my WOD workouts for the girls at gym and also any off plan work I do that’s interesting. And for what it’s worth, it has been 3 weeks since I stopped cutting and went to Cuba and my weight is almost identical. I posted a 224 @ 17.0% this morning.

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