What does my daily food look like?

I have been asked this a lot the last couple of weeks.

Basically what has worked? Well, here is my response to someone who emailed me.

Your story has a familiar ring to it for me. I never really knew what worked and what didn’t and when I did lose weight I would eventually put it back on because I didn’t know what to avoid. There are a couple of things to get you started.

Find your TDEE, there are lots of calculators online but basically you need to know how many calories you are burning a day just being alive. From this you can make sure you are below and adding in your exercise exactly what your deficit is. If you stick between 500-750 calories a day below your expenditure you will lose weight.

As far as what to eat there is really just one rule. If it has one ingredient you can eat it. If not, don’t. You asked what my daily food is like, apart from being terminally boring it is all single ingredient food with the exception of the protein shake I use.

For my cut, at an 800 calorie deficit my day looked like this:

3 eggs, 2oz cheese, 6 strips bacon. (Approximately 700-800 cal)

400-600 calories of protein (chicken or pork or beef)
Salad no dressing

2 scoop protein shake with almond milk plus a couple tablespoons of heavy cream (400 calories)

Usually that is all, if I am coaching I might also have another 300-400 calories of protein after gym. I also don’t “cheat” or have “cheat meals” those will come back after I have reached my goal and will probably only be my one treat of poutine at Costco every saturday.

I also work out 40 minutes every day. My “off” days are usually cardio only or forced rest if I am busy.

I hope that helps, my diet is strictly keto and I got a lot of help from the keto sub at reddit.com

I do have milk in my coffee but I have not had sugar or grains in 5+ years now.

My biggest change has come from going with basically zero carbs, I am under 25g a day and although I now know what I am doing, in the beginning you really need to measure and be sure of everything.

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