2015R1D49 – Finally Falling

xmas fat catLast week I dropped 4lbs without noticing. This week so far I am down another 1.5 and it’s only Wednesday. My workouts have continued to include “cardio” which for me is now xbox insanity or (and I shudder to admit this) Zumba for xbox. I am sticking with the 3 lifts weights days but I have to admit while cutting I tend to veer more towards a cardio day if I have a choice than a weights day. That means I am unlikely  to get any ancillary work done or to stray into clean and press territory. I am cruising at the moment, the only real change is the coconut oil discovery which I am hoping will allow me to dip below 250lbs again really soon. Once I am down below 250 I can start to slow the cut a little and aim for another 10lbs for March to get me ready for another summer of Oly lifting and Crossfit at a weight that I can handle. I don’t have my stats on hand, I will transcribe them on Saturday after I have weighed in for this week.

It’s also my birthday this week so I am taking 2 days off work to get some really heavy cardio in and to ponder whether I should go ahead and have a big mirror installed in the basement. I haven’t really thought of getting myself a birthday present but I could use some more bumper plates if I have $ to spare.

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