Back With A Plan

gymcondIt’s the last day of the year for gymnastics coaching and the summer training starts on Wednesday, which also means in some form, the bootcamp workouts will be back also. Not because the kids need it (which they do) but I am committing to doing the workout at least once a week if not all 3 days.

Don’t you love it when I am enthusiastic?

It’s been the World Cup, work has been interminably painfully busy but I have been working the Full Monty and my modified 300 for the last few weeks but curiously staying where I am physically. So it’s time to add a bit of cardio / bootcamp HIIT and get this party started.

My Garmin Vivofit is telling me I am basically a sloth at work, that my sleep sucks and that I need to get my butt in gear. I knew that, could have saved $125.

I will have a detailed outline of what is to come, but I also need to start running the block if I am to do the Warrior Dash without having  a massive cardiac event…

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