R11D107 – Going Sideways

gomadI am maintaining my bulk workouts at the moment, waiting for the right time to switch into HIIT. Basically once the weather cooperates a little and I actually get to 90 days of workouts (I’m at 84 right now) I will transition. But at the moment I am still happy putting on the size and strength that will help with the weight loss that is inevitable with HIIT. My back has been a little sore of late, I think it’s something to do with sitting at work which I have been forced to do for a while now but also that I am not doing a lot of legs work and I think it’s affecting my back via my hips. I have a tendency to get tight and inflexible around the hips when I don’t do much squatting (bodyweight squatting) and lunges and I have not been very disciplined with my legs workout of late. I also am finding that after giving up dairy for lent I don’t have an intolerance for it however drinking a big glass of milk makes me a big wiggy, like eating sugar used to. I hadn’t really noticed it before but I drank a glass of milk the other day after lent ended and it was amazing how much energy I got from it. I love milk, and there are others who share my enthusiasm including the GOMAD group which stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day. It’s a big staple for me and recently I have made the switch from skim back to 2% due to the rise in research that says skim milk is actually worse for  you than 2% or whole 3.25% milk. It’s kind of like the diet pop of the milk world, it will cause you to gain weight in the long run. Either way, I am glad I am not intolerant to it, at least lent is good for something!

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