R11D71-74 – More Bulk, Less Fat Apparently

shoulder veinI noticed yesterday while doing my Body Beast Bulk Shoulders that I seem to have dropped a not insignificant amount of fat. I was supposed to be taking photos and weighting in regularly this phase and I have done neither so far but yesterday I finally noticed that I am actually regaining some definition after what seems like a very long road back to recovery. In order to verify this I will have to take some pictures tomorrow and see for sure but I was quite excited. Of course I have done workouts 10 of the past 11 days and that probably has helped. I also noticed something else this week when I was doing dips for my Body Beast Bulk arms day, and that is a deep purple staining almost like bruising on my shoulders after I did dips. I have concluded that it’s actually the blood vessels under my skin but 1. Ewww and 2. WTF. It seriously looked like I had massive bruises across my shoulders and chest it was pretty gross I have to admit. If it was really veins, all I can hope is that if I lose more weight that they don’t start poking through the surface otherwise I may throw up on myself. I have to admit that I am really enjoying the Body Beast workouts however I can’t help but be a bit concerned about not having my heart rate up around 160 for any length of time any more. It used to be that almost every workout I did was HIIT and therefore included massive heart rate fluctuations. Not so with BB and not only that, the days that I actually do cardio I feel like I am just not able to push like I used to.

Now I know, that you can’t have your cake and eat it, I know it’s not possible to put on mass and lose weight and increase your cardio at the same time but part of me misses the high HR I get from doing Crossfit type workouts or other HIIT work. Then again, I feel stronger and bigger so there is my trade off I suppose.

More to report next week after I have taken a picture or two and seen if I really am making progress or just fooling myself.

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