R11D24/5 – Ebb And Flow

juggernautI have been careful where I can to make sure I am doing weight, cardio and recuperation workouts with some balance and with that in mind on Wednesday I did the P90X3 Eccentric Upper and it was, in fact, exactly what I had envisioned apart from there are pullups in there. That was a surprise. Besides that, it’s basically some presses, curls and so on, basic moves, but all with the accent on the 4 count lowering of the weight and one count explosion. It’s typical eccentric exercises and despite the lack of real warmup I was not too sore the following 2 days. However, since my sleep has not been ideal I opted on Thursday to do P90X3 Yoga X. I was especially interested in this since I believe in the power of yoga once you can keep up with it and I loved Tony’s One on One Fountain of Youth Yoga. This, I have to say, was a rival for that if only because you are not subjected to endless rounds of the same vinyasa all over again. This was quick, variable and had the yoga, balance and flexibility sections I was looking for. All in all it is a great little short Yoga workout, one that is bound to get lots of use.

I stumbled up on another interesting diet log blog, and although not as entertaining as Fat Head or Morgan Spurlock’s lies it’s an amazing story of one man’s journey to prove that high fat low carb diets are really the way we were made to eat. You can find it but the navigation around the site leaves much to be desired. It’s called Smash The Fat and it can be found at http://live.smashthefat.com/why-i-didnt-get-fat/ where he explains how he managed to eat 5000 calories a day and actually improve his physique. He is doing a Vegan version now, and after 11 days has apparently already gained 8lbs. Interesting stuff.

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