R11D12-14 – Piriformis Pain Returns – Stretching Did It.

DynamixFriday before coaching I wanted something in the rest/recuperate department so I tried out P90X3 Dynamix. It’s a good stretching / rehabilitating workout after a hard workout week. It was actually really nice to get some stretching done in a disciplined and organized manner. However, after stretching my piriformis I once again have the weird sharp pain in my hip/back on the right side. I remember it got worse the more I stretched last year and eventually I got to the point where my hip pain was so bad I had to take time off. I wonder if there is such a thing as not stretching muscles to avoid inflammation. The issue is that I need the pigeon stretch to help my hips and ITB but whenever I do a little too much I get a debilitating pain in my back. I guess I will just have to try and avoid overstretching the area so that it’s not inhibiting my workouts but also not sretched to the point of pain. So much for getting old. Anyway, Saturday I did my 5×5 workout with Oly lifts including Deadlift, clean, squat and bench. In fact, I also increased my weights a little, got my barbell up to 115 and my bench bar up to 165. Still well within my limits, but on a steady and slow rise. Sunday I decided to rest, I have done 12 of 14 days and I think I am getting a little mentally burned out. Physically I am fine, but as we all know once you feel overtrained it’s way too late to do anything about it. I think that’s why the Dynamix workout was so good, there were some good stretches, a bit of core work with some more challenging holds and some dynamic stretching also. There is no Ab Ripper in P90X3 but the core work during Dynamix will certainly let you know if you need more abs work or not!

Today I am home with a sick child so lots of up and down on the floor to play games, do puzzles, have naps fight with the cat etc. Hoping I can squeeze in a workout during nap time, whenever that is.

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