R11D10 – Accidental Beta

lovebetaI seem to have had post fright in 2013. Apparently I posted a measly 72 posts in 2013 as compared to 143 in 2012. Let’s hope I can do a better job in 2014.

Last night I had to go by memory and of course it all went horribly wrong. As I started the T25 workout I was wondering why the participants seemed to be trying harder than usual, a few minutes in and Shaun T revealed that this was a BETA workout, not an Alpha so I was thrown into phase 2 without any notice. What I did notice however was that I was not really able to keep up like I would have liked. The workout itself was T25 Core Cardio which has kind of an innocuous name. It was a tough workout though, lots of core work standing, planking and so on, no situps however, that’s not really the way to do core nowadays anyway. My biggest problem at the moment is once again my size and flexibility. I remember after doing a round of P90X and Insanity how impressed I was with my flexibility, and I know that it doesn’t take long to regain the range of motion but for now getting my feet to my hands coming up from burpee is killing me. I am impressed by the Y25 workouts though, I was assuming that they would not be as tough as they are, but once again BB has done a great job in designing workouts that are almost infinitely scaleable both up and down. Personally I am trying to keep up and not scale back at all but last night I did end up modifying a little and at one point stopping a full 10 seconds before the end of the move. Tonight is my daughters swimming class so I am hoping to get a P90X3 workout done (CVX or Warrior) as soon as I get home. However, she was off daycare with a fever today so I am not sure if she will even be well enough to go.

Core Cardio was challenging but then again Shaun T did say several times that the base for this workout was Alpha which is supposed to last a month. Maybe in another 3 weeks I can try this one again and see just how much easier it is once I am in better shape. So far so good though, there is a lot of jumping so my calves are pretty sore most of the time, and my hands seem to be sore from the planks and shoulder touches etc but that’s probably because my floor isn’t that forgiving. I noticed last night my quads started to give out after only about 15 minutes which I am guessing is because of the ice workout. We will see tonight if they are still trashed or if my sleep and rest is adequate.

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