Best and Worst of 2013? Well now we know what gets worst article of the year…

white men cant jumpIt’s not often that an article raises my ire so much that I want to leave a comment after it to explain to the idiot who wrote it how incompetent they are.

No wonder that they turned off comments for this joke of an article.

Best and Worst of 2013.

On the first page, if you can make it past Water yoga and water Zumba as the best without spitting out your morning coffee in disgust you can make it to the biggest joke of page 1 and that is VEGANISM is one of the best trends of 2013. Now I am not shy about bashing vegans because they simply need some sense beating into their poor frail little bodies, but for someone to actually claim it as a BEST trend of the year is irresponsible.Veganism and vegetarianism are not sustainable as lifestyles. The proof is out there, and the denial of the human as an omnivore is as ridiculous as being surprised when your cat brings home the occasional mouse. It’s in our nature! But wait. It gets better, if you can tolerate the bullshit long enough to get to the worst list things go impossibly downhill and the obvious fact that this “journalist” has done zero research to support any of her claims becomes painfully clear.

The Whole 30 diet, going gluten free (for any reason) and too intense workouts (a shot at Crossfit I assume, just vague enough to avoid rampant criticism from the community) are listed as the worst. Now, the last one, TOO intense I get that, TOO lazy and TOO stupid are also not great, and in fact most things that are TOO something are going to reflect badly. I can only assume she was grasping at straws at this point. Her “expert” tells us that sacrificing form for intensity is not good” well I guess sacrificing research for opinion is OK? Nice one.

She claims that the Whole 30 and Paleo lifestyles are strict and unsustainable. Odd then that she should claim that Veganism whose definition excludes entire food groups is OK. No meat, dairy, fish, eggs make for a wonderfully diverse and enjoyable lifestyle. Make sure you eat your beans so you can pretend you are getting all the amino acids you need to build muscle tissue. There is a reason that Vegans are, and I quote, “THINNER” than other groups, their bodies are simply eating them from the inside out and as they waste away they appear thinner. As a matter of fact, as muscle tissue wastes away the individual actually gets FATTER while appearing THINNER. Arm wrestle the next vegan you meet and you will get my point.

It’s not that her whole article is crap, just the important parts. She does have some pieces correct like her disdain for hot classes and vibration machines, but as the quote from one of the great sports movies of all time says “the sun even shines on a dog’s ass some days”. Today is her day.

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