RehabD1 – Catchup. Let’s call my rehab August.

It’s time to start recording my workouts, although I use that term loosely, so that I can see exactly what progress if any I am making. Also I want to record the work my girls are doing at gym now we are all back.

The latest from the gym:

4 rounds:
20 hip lifts on box
15 box jumps
10 box pushups (decline and incline)
5 box jump burpee
10 box dips (plus leg us)
15 box runner taps
20 vsnaps

5 pushups
10 vsnaps
15 squats

5 rounds of 10:
burpee/pushup burpee/clap push burpee/pushup and in and out burpee
high box jump up / box jump squat
Frog jump / FJ jump full turn /FJ tuck jump
pop squat / pop half / pop jump full
full situp
military pushup / military clap / military shoulder touch
v crunch / jack and jill / vsnap crucnh double
Bonus: Walk of pain – Weighted walking lunge plus stairs x5

The latest from  home:


135 x 10 x 3
185 x 10 x 3
225 x 5 x 3

Oly lift @ 75lbs

Deadlift x5 x3 then x10 x2
Hang Clean x5 x3 then x10 x3
Clean x5 x4
Clean and press x5 x2
Kettlebell squat @55lb x 10 x 3

Leg day

rehab leg work for right quad, partial squat and leg extension
air squats 10 x 5
KB squats @55lb 10 x 4
calf raises singles and doubles x20 x5


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