BSRD52 – Good Morning Agony

My mornings this week have been absolute agony. Ever since I have started my physio exercises and started to do back load movements during my workouts my back muscles across the lower spine and middle back are so sore and stiff in the morning. On Saturday it took about 10 minutes just to get upright and mobile. We went to Wonderland in the afternoon on Saturday and even though I didn’t work out Sunday was just as bad when I awoke. Sunday I did more bench to keep the load off my back and thought this morning would be easier but to be honest it was still excruciating although the pain passed much more quickly than it has in the last few days. Today I am going to try and concentrate on abs and see if that helps.

Friday was Century Club, again in 2 sections one for the regular participants and one for the terminally injured.

Century Club

25 of each, 4 rounds

Bulgarian Halo with 20lb bag or vsnaps
26lb wall ball or box jumps
Vsnaps or 3 suicides
25lb kettlebell swings or burpee

Tonight’s candidates:

Toes to bar
Single toes to opposite hand
Stability ball ground touch sit ups
22lb twisting 180’s
22lb twisting 45 degree 180’s
med ball vsnaps
med ball russian twists
bicycles front and back
side balance hip floor touch
plank hold with 20lb collar
22lb wipers
22lb full lock walking lunge
Turkish get up with 8KG kb

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