BSRD14 – 2 Weeks And The Pain Returns

I have to first make an adjustment to my last post. The pain that I am feeling in my left leg, the unrelated leg so to speak, is not actually in the shin but rather in the top knee side of my calf muscle. It seems to be the insertion of the lateral collateral ligament in the area of the fibula, in fact the whole area around the head of the fibula seems to be sore. On further inspection, it appears that the poplioteal fossa or the peroneal nerve may be the source of my pain. In any case, I was told that I can’t have advil or any ibuprofen for that matter until my follow up and so therefore I can’t indulge in my usual anti-inflammatories. This is a problem and a source of not only physical discomfort but also psychological discomfort in the fact that it is preventing me from enjoying the fruits of my recovery but also causing me to pile more concern on myself regarding the real rather than imagined state of my body. Simply put, I don’t know if the things that are hurting are that way because of the surgery, the recovery or the lack of exercise to which I am doomed at this time. In any case, the pain seems to be less pronounced even if no less frequent. I understand that it’s only been 2 weeks since the surgery, but forgive me for imagining that someone of my physical condition and stature could recover more quickly than the average person. I am frustrated. I have watched all the TV I care to, football season is coming to a close and I am getting a little stir crazy regardless of the ability to leave the house. I suppose it’s because no matter where I am, I am still trapped within my body which, amazing of a machine as it may be, is still at this moment frail in it’s deployment.

By the way, you can tell it’s getting to me just by the fashion of this writing. I am afraid I may be descending into lexicographical embellishments from where there may be no escape.

And on a related note I vociferously object to the use of the word “ginormous” in NHL13 on the PS3. It’s either gigantic or enormous, it should not be both since we already have both words. If needs be, get rid of one rather than add another by a combination of the two, it’s ridiculous.

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