Serious Injury Time

It’s that time of my life again. I am thoroughly petrified at the thought of having done serious damage to my body by another back injury. It was nothing of note, just some soreness and hip pain but after doing a cardio workout on Sunday my back felt very sore. That night I took Elyse to the bathroom and felt a painful twinge in my back. I took the next day off work and lay on a heating mat all day and took my pills. However, the end result once I was able to stand up was what seemed like massive shin splints in my right leg. However, I had lost about 75% of the lifting strength in my shin, causing my foot to droop. I am currently not able to walk properly, I can’t keep my foot elevated as I walk so my foot slaps against the ground as I walk. My doctor confirmed it is the same palsy as drop foot and did not give me any indication as to whether it would heal. Since I never recovered my thigh mass from the surgery and never recovered my hand feeling from my shoulder injury I am understandably scared that I may have a life long nerve damage that will cause me to limp for the rest of my life. The thought of never being able to run properly or maybe even do any kind of lower body work with any regularity makes me sick with worry. I know I am only on day 3 of this injury but the fact that I am still unable to walk properly is very frightening. This morning the pain was also back in my hip, I have to assume it’s part of whatever muscle thread was damaged by the pinch and the other muscles now are fighting to pick up the slack. I have a feeling I am in for a few weeks of pain and yet more lopsided lower body development.

This sucks. I really wish I had been fused the first time so that this pinch would have not had the ability to happen again. I am suposed to be going for an MRI and also to see a neurologist and a spinal surgeon. It may be time to go under the knife voluntarily this time to get this issue fixed for good.  I guess only time will tell but I can tell you that this time I will be pushing for a solution, not a band aid. My fear is that another spinal event could leave me with a paralyzed foot, or worse, some paralysis affecting my bladder or bowels. I know that disc replacement is common now where it was in it’s infancy when I had my original surgery and that alone gives me a little ray of hope from a surgery perspective.

Monday April 8

Abs and legs Crossfit style


Full crunch
Box jump
full situps
side crunch
1 leg squat
step switch

Wednesday April 10

Body Beast – Supervised not led

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