Just to be clear

I wanted to post a little something about my recent foray back into what most would consider weight training. That is to say good old fashioned bench press! I really just wanted to make sure I had documented the type and the volume of workouts that I have been doing. Let’s take this week for an example. On Monday I had a short bootcamp which was mainly just abs since I had decided I would use march break as a rest week of sorts. However on Tuesday I decided to go with bench press and close grip bench. Bench was first and since it’s been a LOOOONG time since I did any benching I was only able to get up to 265lbs but I started at 95 which was, well, rather embarrassing actually. I did the following:

4×10 95
3×10 115
2×10 135
2×10 165
2×10 185
2×10 225
2×5 265

I calculated the total out to be a shade under 20,000lbs which is a little light compared to the 30K I used to do for major bodyparts. Since I was pretty happy with myself and I knew I realized that I needed some bicep work I figured I would do some straight bar curls the next day to get a solid workout done. I made out the same calculations and got to a total of around 10Klbs which isn’t bad however I only managed to get up to 115lbs. Not too impressive. I guess I am a little restless because I haven’t been planning or recording like I used to. The Olympic lifting is great but I find I am often sore across the low back and have to make up a workout to keep it safe. Whatever it is, I have found myself back on the bench and enjoying it, I still feel that no matter how fit I am, there is nothing like feeling that raw beast strength.

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