Finally, Kettlebells Come To Bootcamp

I have been trying to get this workout to Bootcamp forever but since we don’t have any KB at the gym I had to bring 2 of mine and one participant had her own so it was time! Why are kettlebells so good? Partly because of the extended leverage the bell gives, partly because they are handy and easy to transport but mostly because they are simply awesome.

Pavel Tsatsouline calls them the “Strength Secret Of The Soviet Supermen” and promises that with the simple kettlebell you can outperform almost any other gym full of equipment. My all time favourite quote from him goes like this:

“You are next. You are now in Soviet Territory and you are becoming a better man. If you don’t know how I will teach you. If you don’t want to, I’ll make you!”

Suffice to say, once I heard that it was game on and I devoured the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and was amazed at what an incredible workout you can get for such a simple lump of iron.

Last night it was the turn of my bootcamp participants. I have to admit, it’s not often that my heart rate goes over 170, but last night was one of those times!

Here is what we did:

5.11.2 Kettlebell Weights

Sumo deadlift
SDL High Pull
Chin ups or turnarounds

double Swing eyes
pass around
Sinlge legf deadlift
Single alt press
Chin ups or hand turns

dbl Swing overhead
clean and press 5ea
Dips on pbars or dip station
leg lifts

Dbl sumo high pull
single swing row
Laying chest press
Laying pullovers

Clean and Press
Clean and Press
Clap Pushup

Double swing
1 leg squat
Single swings
Sumo DL
Horse Stance Hold 30

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