Heavy Weights Day

I’m falling behind here folks, I am trying to find a way to launch a new site for my personal training business and at the same time have a spot for a fintess oriented blog in the same way this has served me so well. I want to use WordPress but I am having issues getting out of the blog headspace into the website attitude.

That said, our last bootcamp was based on this but actually looked nothing like it in the end. In fact it turned out to be a particularly brutal workout that left a lasting leg ache on all the participants.

Heavy Weight day

15 Plate curls
15 Plate shoulder Press
15 free Dips
15 Sumo high pull
10 chin ups

10 Squat plate curls
10 Squat plate press
10 weighted dips
10 squat sumo high pull
10 chin ups

no weight
20 in and out
20 ARX bicycles
20 full situp
20 russian twist

16 lunge walk (hug plate)
10 suitcase with floor touch each side
10 Halo each way
10 kneel downs each leg
10 chin ups

with plate
10 squat 3 calf raise
10 squat half bounce
10 squat knee raise
10 squat hop

20 air squats
10 each proposal squat
10 each lunge front no step
20 each weighted calf raise
10 Scapular Retractions

20 plate air squats
10 each plate proposal squat
10 plate each lunge front no step
20 plate each weighted calf raise
10 Scapular Retractions

10 Laying chest plate press
10 Laying chest plate pullover 2 way
10 Shoulder fly front to overhead
10 Shoulder fly front with high pull
10 halo

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