10.81 – Rotation Station (Rest Fail)

I tried to give us a nice easy workout before the Mud Hero race on Saturday so I put together a little rotation set workout with a count up and a count down. Seems it was not so easy for some… In fact, I was tired, but not so tired I felt shakey but it was a little harder than I had intended. Nobody quit, but some did more of a 5-5-5 than a 5-10-15. But what can I do? I can’t do the work for them! The toughest part for me were the burpees at the end, I am not a burpee fan by any measure and so by that time I was in no frame of mind to have to do 45 burpees. I guess Saturday morning when I get up for the race I will know just how hard it really was.

D21 4.11.2 Bodyweight

The Rotation Station

5-10-15 rounds

Air squats
V snaps

Step back squat
Military pushup
Crunchy Frog
Leg lifts

Jump squat
Step out pushup
Rollback hold
Pullup alternating hand

1 leg squat knee raise
Sphinx to Plank
ARX Bicycles forward and back
Knees to bar


In and Out
Regular pushup
Ski abs
V snaps
3 position flutters

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