R8D49&50 – Aches and Pains

Since I am not working to a schedule and therefore not working in a week of “rest week” workouts I am constantly guessing at my overtraining status. I am sure that I am far from overtrained, but the nagging aches and pains that I get after about 3 weeks of constant working seems to indicate otherwise. This past few days I have been sore, achy, getting constant pains and feeling a little lethargic. I know it’s not my diet, since that basically never changes, but still I feel like I am out of energy. I took what would be considered a rest week a couple of weeks ago, since I took 3 out of 4 days off and did an easy 6k run the other day so I shouldn’t really be feeling this way. I am, however, on day 51 of my 90 days and as I indicated in a recent post that could be the reason. I am too far from either shore to see where I am going or where I have been and I may be psychologically losing my way.

Here’s my cure.

It’s now November 14. I have to take vacation on December 17th and that vacation time will include trips, and Christmas. It’s going to be hectic with the baby and there is a possibility that my workouts may suffer. In order to survive that couple of weeks I need to put in a month of solid work. It’s not even about meeting a weight goal for this year, I am pretty happy with where I am for now. It is more about avoiding the itchy feet I get when I can’t work out during the holidays. So basically I have a 5 week window that will take me to day 84 of this round. I guess that means my time off will coincide with my new plan, whatever that is. And by whatever that is, I mean P90X2 which should have arrived around then. If not, I will need a filler until I get the package. Whatever the deal is, whatever the timing is, I need a plan for the last part of December which will probably include Operation Osmin outdoor “world is your gym” type stuff.

So I need to buckle down and focus on the 5 weeks upcoming to get me out of this funk. I will have around 25-30 workouts to do in total during that time, 5 of which would be bootcamp classes. So I am looking at 20 workouts which isn’t much if you think about it.

I started this post this morning during breakfast and now since it’s dinner time I feel much better. Enough so that I can think about putting together the workout for the kids tonight. I guess my morning aches and pains are not a good indicator of my status… Either that or writing about them is therapeutic!

Days 49 & 50 were pretty simple, if not easy.

49 – RKC Art Of Strength Providence DVD
50 – O-lift practice – Deadlift, chin up,  Strict press, Squat. 5×5 of each.

(I secretly love that my cure for overtraining is to plan more training…)

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