R8D31-33 – Variety Or Laziness?

Day 31 was Friday, as in the past weeks I took Thursday after bootcamp as a rest day. Friday I did a mini Fran with the girls at gym but instead of just thrusters and chinups they did:


Chin Ups
Push Ups
V Snaps

Saturday we were at a hotel out of town so I took my trusty 45lb kettlebell and did the following:

1 clean and press per side
1 snatch per side
10 swings

then followed with 2 plus 20, 3 plus 30, 4 plus 40 and finally 5 plus 50. I did the whole thing twice which netted me:
30 clean and press each side
30 snatch each side
300 swings

I had designed it to revisit my ability to do longer term swings. It was just as tough as I recall doing 40 then 50 swings and having my grip almost fail towards the end.

Sunday – off

Monday I decided I would run a 5k so with a pace that would probably make an arthritic dog feel fit I ran the treadmill to try and give my upper body a break. I didn’t even work out with the girls at gym Monday night, which I have to say I felt a little guilty about.

I am going to try and get back on track somewhat, it seems like forever since I actually put a DVD in the player and followed along. I feel like I am being lazy not following a program and improvising what I am doing. That and I also feel like I am not rotating the workouts properly either. I feel like my weight is going up, something that I am too scared even to confirm on the scale, but I know I am not wrong.

Time to get back to basics I guess.

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