R7D80/84 – Rest Week Love/Hate

It always seems to be the case that when it comes to rest week I run into some problem that means I can’t train. It’s either sickness, travelling, hectic scheduling or work but it just always seems to get in the way. It’s fine, I am not complaining because if I am honest there is nothing worse than rest week. I am of the mind that rest week should be 5 days, 2 off, one yoga, two off instead of 7 days of watered down ab routines and plie squats. At least that way you would get total rest, the kind of rest that your body can actually use. This rest week was no different and in fact for the first time in months I ran into a 3 day complete rest. But I finished with a decent RKC day and a Cardio Recovery workout that left a lot to be desired.

But it’s behind me now, what stretches ahead is a week of testing and max effort measurements and then a relaunch of the Superhybrid with some tweaks that I am not sure of right now. One thing I think I may do is cut out the 7 day length which seems to create a problem with my static coaching schedule. I am thinking if I plan a 6 day week instead then the workouts that I schedule will actually get done. Either that, or don’t schedule days at all and just have a total of 78 workouts (13 weeks x 6 days)  to do with a cap of 100 days to finish. I find that especially on days I coach that I don’t have time to work out and since I stand at my desk now, and coach 3 hours in the evening it’s just too much to ask. HOWEVER… on occasion I am able to work out with the girls and get a quick WOD type workout done. That said, it’s just not good planning to schedule RKC workouts for coaching days pretty much knowing I won’t do them. It means I don’t get enough KB workouts done and that makes me sad. The thing is, for whatever reason I can’t seem to just take the 2 coaching days off and do the other 5 days. Maybe it’s a timing thing, maybe growing up in a house where Friday was let loose and forget the week day has created a Friday workout phobia I am not sure.

I should probably shut up and work out.

For all the advice I give others, I am sounding a little whiny today! Decisions, decisions…

I think I may really enjoy this “test week” though.

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