He’s Right, This Is Not OK.

Thanks to Fitbomb.com for once again bringing so much information into one place.

In the news today there are articles from the Canadian Academics saying that (read carefully) a HIGH BMR may not indicate a high risk for heart disease and such. This only points to what we all know that BMI is crap. HOWEVER… They are possibly (and likely) referring to people who qualify as high BMR mostly due to increased muscle density, high bone density and so on. They are not likely referring to inactive couch surfers who fill their faces with cheesecake and blame the BMI scale for making them feel bad. It’s not a disease is it…

What most people are getting from this is IT’S OK TO BE OBESE. Holy miss the point people!!

For some, this is another excuse not to exercise and to use the “love yourself the way you are” excuse to do nothing about their ballooning weight. I’m all for people loving their imperfections, just not the kind of imperfection that will kill you or be detrimental to your psychological wellbeing. As soon as you stop avoiding the issue by throwing up your hands and saying “there’s nothing I can do, I love me the way I am” and leveraging that perfectly acceptable reasoning to cover your own laziness and lack of drive the sooner you will understand that if you really did love yourself you wouldn’t make excuses, you would get on with creating a healthier you.

Respect yourself, don’t excuse yourself. There is a life-altering difference.

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