R7D52 – Supposed To Be Resting. 2 Days To Crossfit Games 2011

I hesitate to call myself a crossfitter, since although I can functionally do all the exercises, I don’t attend a crossfit box and due to lingering weaknesses from my past avoid some of the Olympic lifts like the plague. It would not be appropriate to claim myself as a crossfitter because I think a great deal of what makes someone a crossfit athlete is their participation in the culture of crossfit, their integration into their location’s family of athletes and that feeling of camaraderie that they get from relying on and sharing with other like minded people. It’s really exactly the opposite of everything a big box gym is about, the crossfit athlete is the antithesis of the gym rat. Anyway, my interest in crossfit has led me to integrate it into my workouts from time to time and to inflict crossfit pain on my kids at gym and in doing so my interest in this year’s crossfit games is at a high. I am even thinking of adding some crossfit type olympic lifts into my next “round” as long as the summer holds out long enough for me to clean the garage or get a bar to keep out on the deck.

Last night even though I scheduled a day off I joined in with the girls at gym and did 100 pullups. I just feel lazy taking 2 days off out of 3 at the start of the week, plus rest week and I have never had a normal relationship. In fact, I have never done Max Recovery or Cardio X as a workout, I always had something else to do. This week I’m committed to getting enough done so if I have to take 3 days off this weekend firstbeat won’t downgrade me when I get back for being a bum. Hard to reconcile that with rest week so maybe I will give Max Recovery or Cardio X a shot today instead of Cardio Recovery that I have scheduled. Either way, it’s workouts today and Friday and hopefully Saturday morning. We’ll see.

I may even try the Full Monty P90X Yoga…

..and by the way, did you hear about Tony Horton’s injury? Check this out…


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