R7D1/2 I Felt That – It’s Up To Me.

June 8 2011.

“I felt that!” said Tony after the workout finished. “You and me both” I thought.

Maybe I’m nostalgic to the core, maybe the memory of my first round of P90X still wafts through my mind and convinces me that it was better than it was… or maybe P90X is really that good. Whatever it is, it was with great affection and excitement that I put the DVD for Chest and Back into the player last night and got ready to bring it once again. As usual, P90X did not disappoint and Tony with his inappropriate “choke pulling” jokes and campy effervescent attitude was just as annoying and amusing as ever. The workout was as hard as I needed, I killed most of my old numbers which was a bit of a surprise but a nice indicator that things are still on track. I do find nowadays though that my wrists are more sore than they used to be and my elbow hurts like hell when I do reverse chin ups even though I am a LOT lighter than I was during my first round almost 2 years ago.

That reminds me… I have finally managed to put a long and probably very boring history of my weight issues in a single page here. It’s a long story, one which I didn’t even realize sheds light on what my problems have been in the past. It also shows me that even though I am on the right path, and have been for a couple of years, sometimes you can be on the right path, but going the wrong way!

After completing that exercise I actually feel like I am finally doing everything right. Being back with Tony, training with Pavel and even the occasional hour with ShaunT feels like the right thing at the right time. Chest and Back last night made me into a believer once again, controlling my own physical destiny with a system that I have designed and I am comfortable with. Not only that, but being able to push myself harder than the people on the screen, being able to outpace them at my age is something of which I can be proud. Ending up in a puddle of sweat after screaming my way through another P90X workout plus Ab Ripper X makes me feel amazing! So what if it has taken me almost 2 years to be able to take before and after photos, the greatest thing of all is that I made it here, I made it to now and what comes next is up to me.

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