R5D64 – Medium RKC, Insanity Asylum And Hello 39″ Waist!!

Today, the 18th, apparently Insanity:Asylum goes on sale on the Beachbody site. I have found a Facebook group where “coach Todd” is reviewing it one day at a time. Since my package still isn’t here I will have to make do with the review of day one.

There is more to come, so go to the Facebook page and “like” the page!

Medium day was OK, I have managed to get over the shoulderblade pain from last week by taking 3 days off which is unfortunate since this week is the 2 month weigh in for Biggest Loser at my workplace. Hopefully I will win this month and at least win my money back! I am almost done the RKC and as a continuance I have several DVDs of advanced KB routines to keep my interested in KB work while I start Insanity:Asylum. I am very excited, I am sure I have already said that, but the idea of being able to transition so smoothly into the next workout is a huge weight off my shoulders. I think after heavy day this week that may be it. If not, there may be one more week to go. Either way, the KB workouts have really made a difference in my physique and my strength. Especially in my core where I am notoriously lazy, the KB workouts have really tightened me up and caused me to go below 40″ in my waist for the first time in a very long time. Even when I was 252 for the wedding, my pants were still a 42! So you can imagine my surprise when I measured in at 39″ yesterday!

I imagine I won’t have time to work out today, but at the same time, spotting back tuck on floor is as much of a workout as you would need, talk about combining speed, strength and quick reflexes into a workout!

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