R5D61- I Know What Happens Next! I’m Going To The Asylum!!!

Heavy day was pretty good, I seem to have a different way of doing the clean and press with each arm, however, my dominant (and therefore I assumed smarter) arm doesn’t seem to get it as well as my left. In fact, my left arm is quick, mobile and always gets the clean and press exacly right, no forearm banging, no off centre weighting… I don’t get it. It appears that my right side is more of a pull up clean with my traps rather than my left side which is a lift with the legs and then rotate around the bell after pulling back like starting a lawn mower. I am not sure why they are different but I am starting to have more respect for my left arm in the cool side of the body contest.
But that is not the big news, I got an email today saying that “INSANITY:ASYLUM IS HERE!”. Yes, I am super excited that the arrival of my Asylum package should coincide approximately with the completion of the RKC Rite Of Passage. It also means that I am going to have to work the KBs into my Asylum workout schedule, no matter how hard it is. Even if it means just a few swings, snatches and clean and presses a day. I am pretty stoked, mostly because it means I will be getting back into some cardio work which I am occasionally a fan of but also because the Asylum promises to be a bootcamp type sport oriented workout. That sounds like my cup of tea. We will have to see, but P90X was as described, Insanity I think lived up to the hype so I am cautiously optimistic about the new regime. Not only that, but I think it will give me some much needed mobility work in training for the Warrior Dash 2011 which is coming up July 9th. I have to admit the timing couldn’t be better, I was starting to suffer a little from the anticipation of the  90 day wobble where you get to the end of the 90 days, if it is P90X or whatever, and wobble in your workouts due to the lack of structure you suddenly find yourself in. Not this time though. Even though this is my 5th round of 90 days, it still is difficult to set yourself up for the start of the next round so as not to lose momentum.


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