R5D59-60 – Recovery

I have finally managed to shake this lingering sickness. The baby is better, my wife is recovering nicely and thankfully we were both in good enough shape to enjoy this past weekend at Orangeville for the gymnastics competition. My workouts have suffered though, over the course of a week I have managed only 2 workouts, a light and medium day of the RKC. Interestingly, my aches and pains are much improved and although I hadn’t really planned to take the week off, my body certainly had other things in mind. I have never really been one for rest weeks, I find them frustrating and a block to progress, of course that is because I am an idiot. Your body needs rest, your body cannot perform without adequate sleep but also without adequate rest cycles. You can not go anywhere once the tank is empty, but fill up when you are at 1/4 and you will go forever. My new found respect for rest weeks will continue to add to my personal knowledge and probably enable me to go further with my fitness than I have been able to previously. If only I can remember to rest when I start to feel sore instead of waiting until I actually run myself into the ground. I am supposed to do RKC heavy day today or tomorrow, depending on time availability and then I will be back on track. However, I am coming to the end of the RKC and will have to find a KB integration method to help me maintain my love of the KB workouts and allow me to explore my next big thing.

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