R5D44 – Bodyweight Workout (Not Mine)

Today’s workout: throwing around gymnasts.

Don't try this at home...

We worked back handsprings most of the night and so I spent hours on my knees spotting girls who are old enough not to need spot but scared enough to require it. It was a long, difficult workout and I am very relieved that A: I didn’t do a workout before and B: that I am doing the RKC because if not I think I would have given up half way through and told them to go vault while I had a nap!

Verdict: Rewarding but exhausting. There is nothing like a kid getting a new skill for the first time.

This week I start adding rungs to the RKC ladders, and I expect Saturday to be extremely taxing. Good news is that the weather is supposed to be almost 10 degrees and that means I can go out on the deck!!!

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