R5D43/44 – We All Struggle Sometimes, That’s Why We Do It.

I had a busy weekend. The brakes on the Jeep weren’t working well last week and as I removed the calipers I found that I had a seized slider pin on each side. That meant that since I couldn’t free them up that I would be purchasing 2 new calipers at $125 a piece. Bolts broke, the shock install that I decided to take on at the same time only got half done due to another bolt issue and eventually after a frustrating weekend spent in a freezing garage I was really not much further along. So Saturday I had a day off, having worked out on Friday it was fine but it meant that I was going to have to do heavy Saturday on Sunday and not take a day off. It worked out OK, Sunday was OK since I am still not doing 5 rungs on 5 ladders yet and even so, I did do one ladder of 5 rungs just to see how it was. The big deal was Friday when I did the Art Of Strength: Providence DVD.

The AOSP DVD reminded me of when I first started doing P90X, it was a world of movements I hadn’t seen before and was dying to try. I was pretty useful at most of them, but was left with a feeling that I could have done a whole lot better. It was pure KB work and some of the movements were pretty challenging but it got me out of the monotony of the RKC and let me see that my future isn’t just swings and snatches and presses but there is a whole world of KB movements that you can do. It was an eye opener, a challenge and a really invigorating experience. I am now on the hunt for more KB movements that I can put together for a workout once the RKC Rite Of Passage is over. It reminded me once again of why I enjoy doing this kind of thing just as much as I used to enjoy going to the gym and throwing big plates around. It’s as much journey of discovery and challenges as it is a hard physical struggle. As long as you are not struggling against boredom it’s fine.

Learn, grow, learn some more, it never stops. I still can’t believe that I am in as good or better shape now on 20-30 minutes a day than I was at 25 in University doing 3 hours a day. Bizarre.

1991 - around 190lbs working out 3 hours a day including 2 hours of aerobics class (yes it's true!)
November 15 2010 - 1 month into Paleo @ 265lb. I'm around 20lbs less now, March 2011.

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